How to Build a DIY Computer Desk

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This is a great desk for an out-of-the-way corner in your kitchen, dining area, den or bedroom. It’s perfect as a computer desk for your laptop. The materials list consists of the top, legs, back aprons/rails, center apron/rail and the curved aprons.

The only hardware required is roundhead wood screws and biscuits. This is a good project for a beginning woodworker. Let’s take a look at how to build a DIY computer desk:

1. Prepare the materials and the parts to size. This desk requires 12 board feet of 8/4 stock and 6 board feet of 4/4 stock. The top is maple and the legs, aprons and rails are made out of poplar. Plane the 8/4 stock to 1 1/2 inches and then rip it to 1 1/2 inches wide. Cut 4 pieces for the legs. Glue the remaining pieces edge to edge for the top. Plane the 4/4 stock to 1/4 inch thick. Use this to cut the rails, back apron and center apron. The remaining wood should be planed to 1/2 inches to make the curved aprons.
2. Glue the stock for the bending jig. Glue up scraps of plywood for the bending jig. You need a block 4 1/2 inches thick by 6 inches wide by 21 inches long.
3. Make the bending jig. Lay out the curve, then cut it with a band saw.
4. Bend one curved apron. In each curved apron board, cut 3/8 inch deep kerfs. Space them 3/4 inches apart. Glue two of the boards back-to-back and press them in the bending jig at 90 degrees.
5. Cut the biscuit joints. Mark the locations of the slots on the legs. With a biscuit cutter, cut slots for number 20 biscuits.
6. Cut and chamfer the top. Scrape the glue from the top and sand it smooth. Lay out the top and cut it with a band saw. Sand the edges. Route the chamfer with a router and chamfering bit.
7. Bend a second curved apron. Take the first curved apron out of the bending jig. Glue the second set of kerfed boards. Then clamp them into the bending jig.
8. Cut the curved aprons to the correct length. Remove the curved aprons. Cut the aprons to length with a table saw.
9. Cut biscuit slots. In the curved aprons, cut slots in the ends for number 20 biscuits. Put together the rails, legs and aprons (without glue) to test the fit.
10. Drill holes. Use roundhead wood screws to attach the aprons to the top.
11. Put the desk together. Glue up the legs, aprons and rails. Clamp for one hour. Attach the top to the frame with roundhead screws.
12. Sand and finish. Sand and finish with tung oil and your DIY computer desk is done.

Building a DIY computer desk is a project that can be completed in less than two days which makes it perfect for weekend woodworkers. Before starting any project, secure the correct plans with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. This will ensure that your DIY computer desk turns out to be something you can be proud of.

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